Create my own map


Is it possible to create my own map and request directions on it?

Thanks so much in advance!

Hi @estudioalfa,

yes this is possible, you will need to use your own api key though which is limited to the free plan (see

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Thanks so much @amandus!

I’ve got an geojson file with all the paths. How can I load it at openrouteservice? I need to use my own paths because I am developing an hiking app.

I need it because there are routes live at Open Street Maps that are extremely dangerous in specific seassons of the year and I do not want anybody get hurt.

Thank you very much in advance!

Well you don’t need openrouteservice for this, but a library in the language you are developing in.
For JavaScript you can use Leaflet or Openlayers or some wrapper for them like Vue2Leaflet as we use in our new client.

As you already have the routes, you don’t need to calculate them.

Geojson handling should be documented in either of those libraries

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