Create a route through a ford


I’m trying to make a hike, but apparently it’s not possible to create a route through a fordable place in a river. For instance look at 49.810539, 5.025285, there’s a fordable place through de Semois river with the name “Gué du Loquet” Am I doing something wrong? Or isn’t it possible to do this?

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If you are using, try using direct waypoints to skip that part of the route (rightclick add direct WP).
Could be that fords should be available for walking or hiking. So it might be a OSM data issue where some tags are missing.

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I just looked and @amandus is correct that hiking and walking profiles both allow the crossing of fords. The reason it will not route over the one you suggested @christoph.vernimmen (and other fords in the area) is that they also have the OSM tag of access=no which basically means that although it is a ford, they have been marked that no one is allowed to use them.