Could not find point

I cannot figure out the difference between these requests. The points are nearby, but one of the queries is not working

doesn’t work,59.79966883727175&end=29.807628605937,60.456287708753

works fine,59.79966883727175&end=29.314948027344,60.671416167036


This is all in Russia by the way


first of all, please note that sharing a request like this does expose your private api key to the public - you might want to consider replacing it with “key” or something similar.

On to your question:
If you go to mark the non-working endpoint on a map and draw a circle with a radius of 350m around it, you’ll see that no valid point that could be routed to is within that circle - it’s only woods and ORS doesn’t support free overland routing.

import folium

m = folium.Map()

# start
folium.CircleMarker(location = [59.79966883727175, 30.377169721434196], radius=1, color="blue").add_to(m)

# Working end
folium.Circle(location = [60.671416167036, 29.314948027344], radius=350, color="green").add_to(m)

# Non-Working end
folium.Circle(location = [60.456287708753, 29.807628605937], radius=350, color="red").add_to(m)


This is some example python code, to be run in a jupyter notebook or similar, that’ll show what I’m talking about.

The easiest way around this is to choose points as start and end points that are actually route-able to, i.e. already on a street of sorts. Otherwise, you can increase the search-radius by using the “radiuses”-parameter of a POST-request, compare the API documentation.

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