Continual CALLING status with a Pois request along a LineString

When I try this request :
I get a CALLING status freeze. No error, no feedback, no timeout.
What it’s wrong with this request ?
When I try a request using “bbox” to be sure that there is some Pois in the area, it works.
Thank you for your feedback

Hi @Pirlouit,

make sure you use proper double quotes and no start & end quotations:
This one worked in the playground:

{"request": "pois", "geometry": {"buffer": 500, "geojson": {"type": "LineString", "coordinates": [[2.7156, 48.2707], [2.7248, 48.2598]]}}, "filters": {"category_ids": [593]}}}

Thank you so much @amandus,
I didn’t pay attention to that because I was sure to use double quote. But when I copy paste my request the double quote seem to be altered. If I rewrite them directly in the playground it works perfectly.