Construction road

Hi, I’ve made some corrections a few days ago on Open Streetmaps because of a road closure due to road maintenance. OpenRouteService still shows the old and so incorrect route.
For example the N244 in the Netherlands. the road is completely closed for 12 days from October 16 up to October 28.
When I request a route on OpenRouteService the incorrect route is still displayed.
Thanks in advance.

for these kind of temporary edits ORS is not the right service I’m afraid. Even in best case we only process new OSM data once a week, since the planet takes 4-5 days to process. And right now we’re still struggling with reliably building new graphs automatically.

If you’re using our APIs instead of the, you can specify a list of avoid_polygons in options, which is respected on-the-fly and can be used to model temporary road closures.