Connecting Python to ORS via Docker

Hello Friends,

I am attempting to connect to ORS using python.

When I use the API Key it works perfectly:

However, when I try to connect using the docker server:

I think my problem may be in how i am entering the url. I have tried multiple permuations and none of them have worked. There could also be something wrong with docker as well, but I am not sure.

Any feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Thank you in advance!


please don’t post your ors key in a public forum :wink:
Apart from that, the problem is not with entering the url but with the fact that the ors can’t find a routable point within 1000 meters of your first specified coordinate, as your request states.

There’s a few possible reasons for that. Have a look at our FAQ where we also propose solutions.

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Thanks for your response.

Is there a reason it can find the point using the API key, but not using the docker connection? As I stated in my Q, the code works and doesn’t throw any errors in the first pic, but once I switch to the docker/localhost URL, it throws this error. This is why I inferred that it must be something wrong with the URL.


I’d assume it is then related to point 3 in the FAQ.
Could you make sure that your local installations pbf actually covers the point in question and that your ors is in deed using it?

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Thank you, my friend.

Changing my pbf file did gain me some progress, however, now I am faced with a timeout error. Do you have any resources for errors such as this?

My friend,

The issue has been resolved and I am up and running. Thank you for your quick responses and help. I wouldn’t have solved this problem as quickly without you. A+ customer service.

Have a fantastic day!

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