Confusion of Frankfurt/Main and Frankfurt Oder


if you enter “Frankfurt” at ist gives you the Results for Frankfurt/Main and Frankfurt/Oder (both in Germany). However if you select one of them, you get sent to the opposite one.

According to where this has been reported first, the actual map data on OSM and whosonfirst ( see links in OSM-note ) is correct.
Can somebody please have a look at this?

Greetings Nmxosm

Our geocoding is Pelias and the data in that case is not coming from OSM, but from whosonfirst. And indeed it’s wrongly tagged there! Good catch, I’ll put an issue to WOF.

Compare these entries:,Germany&size=5

Pelias doesn’t even find Frankfurt/main when looking for it explicitly! Only with a fallback and low accuracy. Which is in itself likely a Pelias issue.

I replied to the OSM note as well.

Sorry, my bad. WOF is right! The raw query from Pelias indeed gives wrong response on the county and localadmin level and suggests that WOF is wrong.

However, WOF is right and Pelias gives wrong results. I put an issue: