Confusing Geocode Search quota

Hello ORS_Team,

We implemented the openrouteservice on the July 30th in our application and let it run for some time to get some experience how many request our application does.

Now we are somewhat confused because if we look up the token usage and calculate the average for august we get something around 40 per day. That should amount to around 1040 in the time period from the 1th to 26 August but if wie look up the token quota we only used 55 (GeocodeSearch 945/1000) and nothin else.

The question is now is that normal or is it a bug how could cost us some problems down the line.

looking forward to your reply.


First time someone asks for problems of too many requests available :wink:

We reset the quota every day, you’re more than future-proof I’d say :slight_smile:

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Better safe than sorry :wink:
Thanks for the quick reply

Hi everyone!

I am reviving this post to answer a question about geocoding: in each request only a single address can be requested, that is, I can obtain the coordinates of a maximum of 1000 addresses per day, right? There is no way of passing multiples adresses per request?!

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Nope, that’s it.

Potentially you could also use the autocomplete endpoint which has a seperate 1000 requests. But the results between the endpoints are a bit different.
You will have to test if it fits your needs.

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