Computing isochrones in a self-hosted instance


I am really sorry to ask this question but I am new to containers and Open route service. I want to run a Python script on a self-hosted instance in order not to have limitations on the number of calls to isochrones.

I think I have successfully set up the container. I want to run a very simple script :

client2.isochrones(locations=[[4.366051, 50.835549]],range_type=‘time’,range=[900])

and I get this error message (when it runs through the API) :

I guess I’m doing something wrong but I have no idea what. Could you help me please ?

Best regards !

As you are getting an API error, it seems the service is up and running. There are several reasons that might cause such an issue:

  • Are the coordinates given in the right order?
  • Are the coordinates in the extent of your .pbf file?
  • Is ORS picking up the right .pbf? If the path is not configured correctly, ORS might pick up the small test-graph. You could look up which pbf is used in the log files of your ORS instance.

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