Computing a large amount of isochrones (500k)

Hi, for my research project I want to do calculations with different isochrones for a large number of houses in Amsterdam. However, there are 100,000 in total and I want to calculate 5 different ranges from 10 meters to 3000 meters. Is it possible to compute so many isochrones at once with the qgis plugin (500,000) and are there any extra things I need to do besides running the isochrones per layer function like I normally would with a small amount? Thanks in advance!

Hi @patrickuva,

best set up your own ors instance with area around Amsterdam, and set your local instance as the provider in the ORS Tools plugin.

Best regards

Thanks, I will try that. After 94 minutes of running I was already hoping there was something that could make it go faster. Do you think it will go much faster with this?

yes because you are not restricted by our API quota.