Clarification on RAM Requirements for Pre-Built Graph in Docker Image

Hello OpenRouteService Community,

We are working on a project that involves building a routing graph for Germany. We have observed that the graph construction process requires a substantial amount of RAM, around 24 GB in our case. Based on the documentation, we understood that these high RAM requirements are mainly associated with the graph construction phase.

To optimise our deployment and reduce startup time, we are planning to pre-build the graph as part of our CI pipeline and include it in the Docker image. Our initial assumption was that the RAM requirements would significantly decrease for the running container once the graph is already built.

However, we are now wondering if this is actually the case. Specifically, will the running container need to keep the entire pre-built graph in RAM? If so, how would this impact the total RAM requirements for the deployed service?

We would greatly appreciate any insights or guidance on this matter.

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The openrouteservice uses a bit more RAM when building graphs, but indeed, the graph will have to be kept in RAM.
Thus, RAM requirements will drop down a bit, but not by a lot.

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