Check activity along a route

I would like to compare information from ORS to some I’ve gathered from elsewhere and I would like to use co-ordinates to do it. I understand how to get the co-ordinates of where a user would enter and leave a road during a journey. How would I get the co-ordinates in between? The reason I ask is a user may be on a long stretch of road for many miles and that stretch is unlikely to go in a straight line. How could I use co-ordinates to monitor activity along the stretch of road which they intend to use?


all responses will include a geometry-field that contains all the neccessary coordinates.

For the default and the json POST endpoint, this’ll be an encoded polyline, for the gpx and geojson endpoints, the particular formats are returned.

This should give you all relevant coordinates, and since you already have start and end points of roads, you can deduce everything else from them.

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Get the geometry of the route, buffer that (buffer size depending on how far away from the road you’d want to check), then select your POI’s within that buffer.
If you want it a bit more detailed, you can do it per segment instead of the whole route in one go.
Once you’ve got your POI’s, you could even project them on the route geometry and use those points as extra way points or something.
It really depends on what exactly you are after (find electric charging points? or entertainment for the kids? or …)