Changes in OSM not (yet?) seen in ORS


a little over two weeks ago (17 days according to OSM) I added this footpath. It was missing from OSM, and since I walk there quite frequently with my dog I though to add it. But if you check this example, it seems that the new footpath is either not recognized as such (in which case I did something wrong, which is entirely possible :wink: ), or something else is going on. I did notice that a few points of interest that I added to OSM that same day (also in that same general area) are now visible when using the POI-service, and if memory serves me right I remember having read somewhere here that it takes about two weeks for changes to become visible, so I had expected this footpath to also be there. But maybe it takes longer for the routing database to be updated?

I am still digging through the docs, to see if I did something wrong (maybe a wrong tag or something), but so far couldn’t find anything (yet :wink: )

Hi @Stefan,

yes normally it is about 1-2 weeks until the changes are reflected in the routing.
Visible they are before, because the tiles are from OSM where the changes will be reflected already after minutes or hours.

i didn’t look at your change, but the routing graphs were last built 2022-01-18, so for routing it won’t be respected yet.
If you use the API (or check the API response to the ../geojson endpoint in the network tab of the dev tools) you can see when the graphs were last built.

The POI service is a separate thing, that has a different update cycle.

My colleague said something about the global osm file not changing for some time, which would explain why the graphs were not rebuilt.

We will investigate and get back to you.

Hi Amandus,
Ah, that explains things on my end at least :slight_smile: Curious why it’s taken so long though, I’ve seen some other changes by other OSM contributors too.

Good to know that the graph build date is in the response, I had not realized that. I’ll modify my front-end (which does use the API) to make that visible, because that is important meta-information (to a geo-geek like me it is, anyway :smiley: )

Thanks for the quick response, that is appreciated.
Keep up the good work!

Ah, good thing I checked the metadata. Noticed the system_message in there as well, which is handy. Removed the Fastest option now from my UI :wink: