Change Acceptance Radius for Points

I have been using the 2 layer point to point directions feature of ORSTools with QGIS 3.10.5. I have been studying rural America and have had about 20% of the queries failing because my start points are more than 350 meters from any road. There is a “Radiuses” parameter I can add to the API query to change the 350 meter limit after the preferences:fastest option.
How can I add the radiuses:-1 into the call to the api in the simplest way possible? I studied the Python code but couldn’t figure out where to add the command. I am willing to hard code my radius and don’t need to add to the menu in QGIS.

I really appreciate any tips!

Just add params['radiuses'] = [-1, -1] here:

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Works perfectly. Exactly what I was trying but couldn’t find correct location. This helps immensely. Cheers.