Can't build isochrone map code: 3099


I get an error for specifics coordinates, when trying to build an isochrone map.
I’m using ORS Tools in QGIS.

I’m trying to build a isochrone map from layer, using the travel mode: “driving car”
However, if I change travel mode to cycling, walking or something other than driving car, then I don’t get an error.
I can also build the isochrone if I move the point say 50-100m away.

These are the coordinates: [50.8803701, 20.6477226]

This is from the log:

QGIS version: 3.16.16-Hannover
QGIS code revision: f5778a89
Qt version: 5.15.2
GDAL version: 3.4.1
GEOS version: 3.10.0-CAPI-1.16.0
PROJ version: Rel. 8.2.1, January 1st, 2022
Processing algorithm…
Algorithm ‘Isochrones from Point-Layer’ starting…
Input parameters:

Feature ID 478 caused a GenericServerError:
500 ({“error”:{“code”:3099,“message”:“Unable to build an isochrone map.”},“info”:{“engine”:{“build_date”:“2023-07-09T01:31:50Z”,“version”:“7.1.0”},“timestamp”:1692603373172}})
Execution completed in 0.48 seconds
{‘OUTPUT’: ‘Isochrones_4b27be05_aee8_4902_982f_16a9e71f1fb6’}

Loading resulting layers
Algorithm ‘Isochrones from Point-Layer’ finished

Thank you in advance


if I’m not mistaken, you’re trying to build isochrones from the middle of “Galeria Echo” in Kielce, PL.
Roads in there are tagged as highway=path, only connected to the main road network by highway=footpath. Both are excluded from the car routing graph, but not from snapping, meaning that the algorithm will find a starting point on these roads and then try to build an isochrone from there, failing since it can’t move on these roads.

Moving the point probably gets the algorithm to snap to a car-feasible road, and thus makes it able to build isochrones.

Best regards

Thank you so much for your quick answer.

Yes, that is where I was trying to set my starting point.

I’m fairly new working with this, so I appreciate the help.

How / where can you find these tags?


on OSM, use Right clickQuery features on your way to get a list of tags for all objects in the marked circle - choose the object you want, and you’ll get a list. Check the OSM wiki for informations on the tags.
Check here for info on what tags get used in routing.

It’s a bit of a learning curve though, if you’re completely new to the OSM world, so be warned :wink:

Best regards

Thank you! I’ll have a look


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