Cannot login, cannot reset password

I’m unable to login to my account. Also I cannot reset my password as I’m immediately getting: "The password reset key is expired or invalid. Please restart the password reset procedure. "

Hi @nexces,

I just messaged you via your email address. If you still have problems with the login, please send a message to support[at]

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Hi @amandus,

Thank you for your help. Everything is working fine now. :+1:

Hi, sorry for replying to a resolved thread, but the same is happening for me. I created an account last year and was about to accept the new terms of service, but cannot login or reset password whatsoever, just like the original poster of this thread.

Hi @arunwpm,

Well, this is far from resolved as it keeps happening. Sadly we were not able to reproduce this locally yet.
But with the raising frequency of this issue we will have to look into it after all -.-

For now please also send an email to the address mentioned above

Best regards

Hi again @arunwpm,

I’ve just deployed a fix for this. Please try the password reset procedure again.
If you still encounter problems, please send us a notice.

Best regards

This works now, thank you so much!

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