Cannot cross a specific hiking path + several tracks on a single map

Hello there,
I love the OpenRouteService for hiking, it’s fantastic and very well designed.

I’ve recently hit a problem I don’t know how to debug : going

  • from 5.591827071974965, 45.392837235567754
  • to 5.5923901845710775, 45.39302558760163

… is not possible with ORS in hiking profile (it takes a whopping >2km workaround instead of a straight 50m!) but paths seem to be connected, and I’ve physically walked on this path, it’s fine. Would you know what’s happening ?

Also I was wondering if I could created disjoints tracks on a single map (which would work around the previous problem), with a feature like “Create new starting point” ?

Hi @zerodeux
Thanks for reaching us.
I tested your case and indeed, it is not routing through a route that is visibly there on the map. The thing is that this seems not to be an issue related to the maps client app, but some missing/wrong data about routable path on OSM database or eventually some minor issue on the ORS back-end. Maybe @andrzej can help us to understand it better.

Regarding disjoints tracks, it is currently not supported. It is not on our top priority list, but if you want to suggest it (give more details) on our github repo GitHub - GIScience/ors-map-client: Openrouteservice API web SPA client using VueJS, Vuetify and Vue2Leaflet and other people back it, than we can analyze the possibility of implementing it .

As a way around this for now, you can use the “direct segment” functionality which in effect tells routing to not generate a route for a specific segment between two points

Hi @zerodeux,

I guess the problem is the access:no tag.
See the osm wiki for that tag:

If the access restriction is not specific to one vehicle/ transportation type. it will be avoided in general

Thanks for you quick answer. I just learned how to query features on OSM, now it makes sense.

I’ll have a closer look the next time I follow this track and see if this access:no tag is still valid (I did not cross any forbidden or private property sign), and maybe fix it.

Thanks @adam, that’s exactly what I was looking for !

Thanks @amoncaldas , the workaround (direct segment) suggest by @adam fixed my problem. But I must say that the ability to “superpose” several trips on a single map has more than often itched me, maybe I’ll try a UI proposal. Thanks for the quick feedback !