Cannot create routes in certain areas and a question on waypoints


I’m using a smartphone app (OSMAnd) for route navigation, but because I greatly dislike creating routes on a smartphone, I found this marvellous website to help me create the gpx files for import to the app. I am in the process of planning routes in Perú and Patagonia, but I’ve recently encountered a problem where the Maps website is not able to create a route on a well known hiking footpath. I thought it was caused by a mountain “tileset”(?) on the graphics I had not encountered before, but some routes over the map tiles work, and some don’t, so I’m not sure.


Origin/A coordinates: -41.198274, -71.48631 (Refugio Emilio Frey)

Destination/B coordinates, working example 1: -41.202786, -71.49264 (east of Refugio Frey)
Destination/B coordinates, working example 2: -41.198516, -71.483209 (south of Refugio Frey)
Destination/B coordinates, NOT working example: -41.187044, -71.51619

The NOT working example is on the “Sendero Frey - Jakob” footpath marked on the map connecting Refugio Frey with Refugio Jakob. I am using the OpenStreetMap map layer in Pedestrian/Hiking mode.

Do you know if this is an OSM issue, a Maps issue, or an “operator issue” (i.e., me)?

Secondly, it seems that when I export the gpx file from the website, the waypoints I set are not stored, but the Maps website “downsizes” and sets the waypoints to the minimum amount required to draw the route I created. Is this correct?

This is a OSM data issue most of the time. Although in this case it seems to be an issue with the sac_scale tag. I will get back to you on this shortly


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Hi @pekunder,

please read this issue for more information on the sac_scale problem:

This won’t be fixed anytime soon :frowning:

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Thanks very much for letting me know! It’s good to understand the problem even if a possible fix/solution might be a long way off. From reading about the route, it has indeed been deemed difficult!