Can we have one more digit in the elevation's information?

Hi, i like so much ORS. The app could be more useful giving the information about the route elevation with more digit after dot.
For example this route give a total elevation gain of 3.9 km.
For me it’s very interesting (to evaluate alternatives) let me know if it is 3.91 km, 3.95 or 3.99 km. To make the single choice road by road for this trip I need to know what’s changing in elevation gain but non all the choice gives more than 0.1 km of difference so isn’t valuable. So fine tuning of the route isn’t possible to do.

Is it possible give this data in 2 digit after dot?

Bye, Mirco

Hmm, so far our elevation provider is not really great in terms of vertical resolution. So, really, providing you with higher accuracy would not make it more accurate in a lot of places around the world… It’s a design decision in the end.

Thanks a lot for the reply.