Can ORS support traffic?

Hey i have project to return distance and duration based on ORS API. I do research and I found that ORS doesn’t support traffic in real time so the duration should be not very accurate (correct me if im wrong). Is there any solution to solve that problem? I mean, i still want to show the duration from ORS API but maybe any methods that I can go for it so the duration can consider with traffic. Thanks for help

@Marcella0202 thank you for your request.

Providing live traffic is money intensive and not coverable with our free API quotas (currently). If you would like to use statistical traffic, we have an integration of HERE statistical traffic that you can use with your own hosted openrouteservice instance. You would need to buy the data from Here, of course. Be aware, since only very few have the resources to even buy statistical traffic data, we did not have many requirements to document this well in our public documentation.

Please reach out to us if you’re planning to use it, and we can see how to show you in the right direction.