Can I use the service with an external system?

Our team would like to test an ADAS system’s performance, by using this API as a route calculator. Is there any option, to extract the turn-by-turn navigation’s output to an external system?
So the goal would be for routing messages to not/not just appear on a display, but to be also received in some form by an external system, for example via CAN messages or ethernet packets, or any other way. And if yes, then in what format and with what capabilites?

On the other hand, in what specific hardware and environment can this routing API work?

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I assume that when you’re stating

you’re talking about our public API as documented here.

Once you obtain the turn-by-turn navigation’s output, you can pass it on to any external system as you would like.
The openrouteservice provides an API with responses tailored to the domain of the data, i.e. returning common geodata formats such as geojson or gpx.
Anything else, like CAN messages or others, would have to be taken care of by you.

I am a bit confused by the following part

since the routing API works via HTTP, meaning it can be used by any hardware and environment able to request HTTP and consume HTTP-responses.

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Thank you for your answer, you helped us a lot!

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