Bulk endpoint (multiple destinations)

Hello community!

I’m a happy new user of openrouteservice after I had played with Google Maps API in the past.

Since the rate limit is what it is, I was looking for a bulk endpoint to search routes from a single location to many different locations (in my case for instance, there would be about 10 destinations).

I used this with Google Maps (although it doesn’t seem to be well documented, but you can provide a list of destinations separated by | character, see javascript - Google maps API - adding multiple destinations not working (google directions) - Stack Overflow)

I don’t know if this would be an issue to implement, but that would make me do 10x less calls to the API!!

Another option I was thinking about was to query a route that always goes back to my original location before to go to each destination: the points would be [ORIG, DEST1, ORIG, DEST2, ORIG, DEST3 etc], but that is really “tweaking” the system. Also, I don’t yet know how to handle geometries so I’ll have to remove all the useless “going back” sections.

Do you know if a bulk service could be implemented?


Hey Olivier,

such a bulk service is already implemented :))
What you’re looking for is the “matrix”-endpoint, explicitly made for obtaining one-to-many results.

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Where is the facepalm emoji? :smiley:

At least I got a quick and satisfying answer in the forum!

Thanks a lot

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