Bug Routing Over a River

If I try to route from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Montevideo, Uruguay, the route is passing over the river, and this is not the correct rout, its impossible to drive over the river!

Here is the link:

If I try the same route, in the inverse direction (from Montevideo to Buenos Aires) is working right:

I don’t know what’s the cause of this bug

I won’t look into it in detail now, but there’s obviously a ferry. My guess is that from Buenos Aires to Montevideo, cars are allowed, but not the other way around.

Have a look at the tagging of the ferry on https://openstreetmap.org and update the tags according to reality. Within a few weeks you’ll see the change in our routing engine.

Thank You Nils
The ferry works in both directions

I don’t know how to update the tags

Here is a simple tutorial to editing osm https://learnosm.org/es/beginner/id-editor/

This is probably due to this https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/8339933#map=18/-34.47427/-57.84252
or the barriers(gates) along this geometry.
see https://maps.openrouteservice.org/directions?n1=-34.473729&n2=-57.842275&n3=18&a=-34.47321,-57.843586,-34.473723,-57.843672&b=0&c=0&k1=en-US&k2=km

I’m not sure on what the actual problematic thing is, or what tags would work in this case

Maybe @adam @andrzej @nils can help further

Yes, reason it only goes the one way on the ferry is because of one way restrictions and gates on the roads that connect to the terminal in Colonia del Sacramento.

So according to the network, there is no way to get to the start of the ferry there without breaking road laws or going through a barrier

(the highlighted one way road goes all the way up to the main road)

In terms of updating the OSM, I believe the correct way would be to update the lift gate (left most highlighted feature) to identify that vehicles can pass through it (I guess that this is a controlled gate for the parking or something). According to the Wiki (https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:access) it seems that adding access=yes to that lift gate would do the trick.

Realistically though it should be someone who knows that area that actually updates the data to reflect the real world usage as it is impossible to know for sure without having experience of the feature itself.

Thank you all
I found a correct solution to this problem
If I check the option “Avoid Ferries”, the route looks good

I know the area, I travel by Ferry from Buenos Aires to Colonia and from Buenos Aires to Montevideo. Both routes can be completed by ferry, but not by car, because there is the river plate between this cities. There are no bridges or something similar, you can travel directly by ferry or by car, but with a long detour to Entre Ríos: