Bug: routing in green areas and quiet areas


I’m using the profile “hiking” for palling bike routes, because I want to use “Grünfächen bevorzugen (Eingeschränkt auf Deutschland)” and “Ruhige Wege bevorzugen (Eingeschränkt auf Deutschland)”. But it isn’t working anymore. See attachment.

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Hi @Katzenstreu ,

I’ve just put in a fix for this and so it should be up and running when we get the pedestrian routing graphs rebuilt (hopefully within the next 2 weeks).


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Hi @adam,

Thanks for your help. It still doesn’t work.
Did you understood the problem in your code?

(Could you add the option “quet street” or “green ares” for cyclists? An option to ignore one-way directions would be also great!)

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Hi @Katzenstreu,

we haven’t had chance to rebuild the graphs yet as we have had to use the resources for some other building processes. I am not sure yet when they will get rebuilt, but hopefully we will be able to get onto it soon.

The quiet/green routing currently is only available for pedestrian and it is not so simple to apply it to the cycling as it adds quite a bit more memory needs, and the cycling profiles are already pushing it to the maximum. The one way thing is also tricky both in terms of how this is processed and legality issues (we cannot knowingly tell someone that they should go the wrong way down a cycleway).



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do you have any news fpr us?
Routing in silent areas or green areas isn’t working for pedestrians anymore.
I would like to find nicer routes. They may be 30 % longer then the usual routes.

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We are in the process of making a new release which should fix the problem with the green routing, and this should be complete by the end of the week (we are currently building the graphs for it)