Bridleways and cycling isochrones


I’m having a problem mapping a cycling isochrone on a cycling route near me in the UK. The route is designated a bridleway, and as such the isochrone won’t cover it.

I’ve checked the bridleway on OpenStreetMap; it’s correctly labelled as passable for walking, cycling and for horses.

When I try the same location but for a walking isochrone, the bridleway is passable.

Please help.


could you link us to the actual data, i.e. the bridleway in question, the request you did and the response you got (if you did it via our website, a link is sufficient :slight_smile: )

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Hello – here’s the link OpenRouteService route planner - directions, isochrones and places

Edit: some context for the map. The bridge across the river is a bridleway (which in the UK also gives access to pedestrians and cyclists. Isochrones for cycling do not map across the bridge.

I’ve tried this in other locations where the primary cycle option is a bridleway, and a similar problem occurs.


great, thanks for the link. I played around a bit with bike routing in this area and this also doesn’t work.
Have a look at this issue, it has some detail on why bridleways are a bit complicated.

In your case, however, the access tag bicycle=yes is explicitly set, thus the way should be considered.

I have opened an issue for this problem.

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Thanks, Jakob!

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