Avoid_features - Parameter 'options' has incorrect value or format

I do this POST request:

I tried everything, making it an array, encoding the options object… What am I doing wrong?

Is this no longer supported? How can I use this for my e-scooter? I can’t drive up stairs or unpavedroads :C

Hi @Yannick,

You can neither avoid unpavedroads nor hills for the cycling-electric profile.
Please take a look at https://openrouteservice.org/dev/#/api-docs/v2/directions/{profile}/post

You could use one of our clients to display the route and inspect where the unpaved road segments are.


you can find a bit more info in these 2 threads

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Is there any other way, like setting the speed on unpaved roads to 2? Because I need to walk on these roads.

Not via the api.
You would have to set up your own ors backend and adjust the speed on unpaved roads for cycling-electric. (could be this line)

We might have the option for custom profiles in the future. See graphhopper 1.0

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