Avg speed / total time with a profil cycling-road


i’m worked on a Leaflet map to create cycling ride route/tracks.
Everythong works fine, but i’ve noticed that the average speed is always 11 km/h.

I’m passing these options, with a steepness_difficulty ‘3’ (pro), so a pro should ride around 25 km/h (or more !).

                "profile_params": {
                    "weightings": {
                        "steepness_difficulty": 3

Is there a way to set average speed in the request.

I can do that calcul on the client side, it isn’t really a big problem. :wink:

Another question, what is the difference between cycling-regular an cycling-road ?

Hi @gegeweb,

the steepness_difficulty weighting only influences which ways are preferred for the route generation and not the travel speed itself.
A higher difficulty prefers steeper slopes compared to lower values.

cycling-road is ment for road-bikes, so residential road segments where bicycles are allowed are favoured over cycleways.

Best regards

So, an option to set the average speed could be nice.
Because 11 km/h is very slow. :wink:

The slowest average I can do on urban commutes is 15 km/hour, usually 20/21 km/hour.

On the Paris-Brest-Paris in 2019, 1200km and more than 1200m of D+, 21 km/h average speed and 14 km/h over the total time including breaks.

That’s the behavior I was hoping for. :wink:


For your information, I find the route calculation very efficient and relevant. Very good job!

I started testing the service a little more than a week ago for this map, source code on Framagit.
And I have to make less waypoints than with the Strava editor (which has become paying, so I made my own) to make it fit where I want it to.

Thanks again for offering this free service!