Average speed calculation for different periods of time

I need a reference for calculating average speed, specifically for determining the average speed of a route over different time periods such as monthly, weekly, yearly, or hourly intervals. Can you recommend any resources? And how you calculate avr_speed ?


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In general, the average speed of a route should be easily calculable from the distance and duration.

What do you mean by calculating the average speed

over different time periods

Is this asking for the same average speed, just for a different time of request, so e.g. the same start and end points, but calculated once in summer and once in winter?

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I thank you for your interest.

My question is as follows: You measure different speeds for different sections of the same road.

I understand that you have historical data for this measurement.

This historical data is used except for the type of road and its location for prediction.

There is no real-time data for measurements outside of Germany. So, how long does this historical data include? I would like to learn this.

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