Autocomplete returns by text priority

Is there any way to prioritize the results based on the text given? For example if I enter “york” I get back a bunch of New York reponses before any York* responses. I would like the responses to favor returning names that match foremost and add the additional ones after if very few of the primary are returned.

We use Pelias geocoding engine.

There’s quite a few ways to limit your search:

Thank you for the reply but I was asking more about the use and returns of the text. For example entering “york” should return items starting with “york” first and then when exhausted move on to returning items like “new york”.

I can sort the returns that way but I suspect there is a limit to how deep the returns are processed and perhaps many “new yorks” are getting returned in place of “york …” places.

Yes, that’s a known issue in Pelias. They’re working towards making autocomplete work more like the search endpoint.

Cool. Looking forward to an update.