Api Key Matrix Quota Limit

Hello ORS_Team.

I’m currently working on my Master-Thesis in Electrical Engineering at Uni Wuppertal.

The main part of the thesis is to develope a module that determines routes between nodes in an electrical power network. This module should be part of a tool that automatically plans low voltage networks and optimises these networks. Therefore it is urgent to determine possible routes and distances between every node.

Since your API maxmimum limit of requested routedistances is about 4000, i am limited to networks with <64 nodes, which is rarely the case in low voltage networks we are working with.

I had the idea to work around this limit by looping the request of routes and distances for smaller node packages but with this method i rapidly hit the maximum remaining matrix quota of 500.

Is there a way to get a key with a much higher (ideally unlimited) matrix quota?

Yours sincerely

No sorry, we can’t do that for various reasons.

You can install ORS on your own infrastructure: