API currently down?

Hi dear ORS team,

It looks like the API end point is currently unresponsive. Can you confirm that? Are you working on it?




the car profile was down for some time this morning but it is back up and running now

Thanks a lot for the quick repair!

Have a nice day

Hello @adam,

I’ve confirmed a problem with the car profile using the API playground. If we set the interval and range by 3600 seconds (60 minutes), we received an error. If I try to change the parameters for 15 and 30 minutes, it works fine. See below the exact request body I’ve used.


Can you confirm this also? Thanks.

Hi, what is the error message that you are getting?

Hello @adam,

Sorry for the delay. This is the response I get.

When I try 15, or 30 minutes everything is working fine.

So I have checked, and the issue is to do with the generation of the isochrones taking too long and thus creating a timeout, which the interactive docs shows incorrectly as an “Invalid API key” response.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be doing an update on our public instance that should increase the speed of isochrone generation which then would mean that you will be able to generate large isochrones again.

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Thank you very much @adam. I hope the upgrade/optimization will be ready soon.

Hi @adam … the api playground is broken ?

I’ve taken video of it and the API page says ‘Loading API interactive documentation’ but it fails?

is this why the API now is offiline ?

@JamppaSuomesta The api is up and running. Please refer to the status here: https://status.openrouteservice.org

It’s just the playground. We’ll fix that, probably tomorrow.

OK, thanks ! I got my stuff up and running… I made LatLng → ORSCoord like:

    ORSCoordinate myPoint = ORSCoordinate(
      latitude: fromWhere.latitude,
      longitude: fromWhere.longitude,

no need to remember the order :slight_smile:

Hello @adam,

Sorry for following up. We just want to set an expectation regarding the functionality of the stuff we are creating using your API. May we know when your team will be able to fix the timeout issue for the 60-minute car profile? See example parameters used below:


Thank you for your understanding.

Hello sir, is the API currently down? all my working apps in kodular suddenly had "Error: 4003 routing service failed with status 404 not found and cannot load any route.

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