All available config options (specifically interested for hgv)

Hello there,

I’m trying to setup my instance and currently going through all the available options as found in the READMEs and in the example yml file. Unfortunately, I’ve found some inconsistencies between the two and I do not know which of the two is the source of truth. For example, in the yml file you can find the options ors.engine.profiles.hgv.encoder_options.block_fords and ors.engine.profiles.hgv.encoder_options.use_acceleration which are not found in the README.

Also, where can I find all the available options for profile names? Is there a specific list or are the names arbitrary? I couldn’t find anything in the docs but I have seen examples with values such as hgv-driving or hgv-argiculture.

For reference, my use case requires only the Matrix API for hgv profile with the Europe data, for a VRP problem that needs to calculate the transit matrix with a maximum of 10000 waypoints (nodes/places), spread across all Europe. In that scope I try to optimize all the available options to figure out if 80GB of RAM and 600GB NVMe will be enough.


thank you for the hint! The source of truth is the yml file. The documentation for encoder options is not complete - sorry for that. We are currently working on the documentation and will also add missing encoder options with information about the profiles soon.

Best Regards