Address not being found at all

Possibly a duplicate of this thread, but well, this service can’t find my street/house.

“Donauschwabenring” gives 0 results
“Donauschwabenring 34” gives 5 wrong results, but which are close
“Donauschwabenring 34, Mering” gives just Mering the town as result, which is unexpected and wrong in my opinion.

Nominatim finds it just right:
I tried using Pelias at and it finds the correct position too.

Actually… None of the search queries I try work.

I would recommend changing the geocoder, because it can’t be that it doesn’t find “Augsburg Hbf” for example. This is just a basic thing. I know this sounds hard, but it just does not do the things it needs to do.

Our geocoding instance failed and only delivers one quarter of the data apparently.

I just started another import, by the end of the week it should be fixed.

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