Adding token to QGIS plugin


I am a complete novice when it comes to this technology, so please bear with me

I am running qgis 3.4 and have installed the ORS Tools plugin

Have registered on the Openrouteservice website.

I now need to add the API key into the ORS Tools in QGIS, but i don’t know where to obtain this API Key?

If i try to log into the Dashboard, i get an account pending message, but i’ve already registered and confirmed my account? I’ve already sent a password reset request twice, but am getting no email to reset.

Any help appreciated

Simon Hume


someone will look at your problem. Can you pls share the email address you registered with?

@amandus or @amoncaldas can you pls follow up with this? Thx

the email address i used is

The automated email did eventually come through (twice) but had expired


ok, so then you’re all settled right?

No, the link had expired, so i couldn’t reset my password

I requested another password reset about 15 minutes ago and the email still hasn’t arrived, so that will probably have expired as well


Ok, I just verified you manually.