Adding Motorcycle profile

Hello team.
Please add profiles for Motorcycles (similar to what you have done for bicycles or cars). With the Motorcycle profile somewhere between Car and Bicycles, it needs to include the slight unpaved roads as well. I’m living in Thailand (and work in Singapore) and doing a lot of Enduro (and dirt bike) style on-/offroad trips (Gelände/Strasse, unbefestigt/befestigt). When I choose the car profile at ORS, it stops routing if some unpaved segments are between, when I choose Mountain bike (sub-) profile it will calculated the shortest route, what then goes straight through jungle tracks, not always fun with a bigger motorcycle. The closest, what come to a (normal adventure) motorcycle profile is the Bicycle Street-bike profile, but this will then choose sometime some small paths and foot bridges, which are in urban areas not allowed for Motorcycles.

If there is a chance for sub profiles under Motorcycle, it would be:
Street-bike (paved only, similar to cars), Enduro/Adventure (mix of all paved and some light unpaved gravel roads (OSM uses the words: unpaved, gravel, compacted, (but not Mud/dirt/Sand, etc) ) and Dirt bike (all roads, streets, paths, except for foot-paths only for people, similar to mountain bikes),
It would help if there is a slider to choose from ‘fastest’ (mainly the fast paved main roads) to ‘shortest/direct’ connection (mainly smaller / curvier side roads and dirt roads). Ideally it should come with a tick box for unpaved/dirt roads allowed or not. Many motorcycle drivers do not want to drive unpaved at all, when many other are looking out for dirt roads.

Most motorcycle drivers also prefer curvy (often the smaller) roads, which means, if there is an option for such ‘preferences’ this would be the icing on the cake.

Looking forward to your reply and happy to help with further details when required.


the need for a motorcycle profile has come up again and again and it’s not something we’re likely to add in the near future. The reasons for this are manifold, first and foremost this is not a primary concern for us.
We’re focusing more and more on humanitarian topics and motorcycles don’t quite fit that focus. Second, due to current ongoing projects, we don’t have the time or manpower to tackle this. Third, we don’t really see the need.

From our point of view, there’s three needs for a motorcycle profile:

  • people driving road motorcyles for fun and wanting to plan their route
    For these, exists. Integrating such a “proper” motorbike profile would require a lot of work to get small nuances regarding curve radii and such right.
  • people driving offroad/enduro bikes
    For these, different bikes would require different profiles. This is more about road prioritization and suitable speeds, and could maybe be done with custom profiles that the aforementioned projects might bring
  • people in areas where motorcycles are a primary mode of commute/travel
    Their accesses and needs are not much different to cars, but speeds obviously differ.
    This is something we could see us doing, since it might be relevant to large amounts of people.

Feel free to leave your opinion, we’re of course open to discussion :slight_smile:
Best regards

This is the use case that applies to me - normal street navigation, but with a motorcycle or tuk-tuk, which has different speeds. Is there a way of enabling such a profile, even if it means implementing ORS locally and customising it slightly? The closest I’ve gotten is with the e-bike profile, but it would be fantastic to have a motorcycle specific profile or be able specify a vehicle top speed (especially on isochrones that involve highways where top speed actually starts to become relevant)