Adding custom country map on selfhosted API (change dataset))

Adding custom country map on selfhosted API

I am trying to add my own custom map of Romania (selfhosted API) instead of the default one.
I’m doing something wrong (even though I followed this YouTube tutorial that is using v6.0 and I have v8.0 Furthermore, I am attaching my code as of right now. Thank you for your time and thanks in advance!!

    volumes:  # Mount relative directories. ONLY for local container runtime. To switch to docker managed volumes see 'Docker Volumes configuration' section below.
      - ./ors-docker:/home/ors  # Mount the ORS application directory (for logs, graphs, elevation_cache, etc.) into its own directory
      #- ./graphs:/home/ors/graphs  # Mount graphs directory individually
      #- ./elevation_cache:/home/ors/elevation_cache  # Mount elevation cache directory individually
      #- ./config:/home/ors/config  # Mount configuration directory individually
      #- ./logs:/home/ors/logs  # Mount logs directory individually
      **- ./romania-latest.osm.pbf:/home/ors/files  # Mount files directory individually**

ors-docker directory: