Add deviation radiuses for waypoints in route

I’m currently developing an application which calculates the fastest route for a Travelling Salesman Problem.
The user can currently select the different locations by clicking on the map.
Now it often happens that the routes are quite weird because e.g. you clicked one time on the right road lane and one time one the left one leading to a forced U-turn.
However, I don’t care whether you actually reach the exact location but would be happy if you would reach a location in a specific radius of the actual location.

I found that there is a radius parameter in the directions API, but as far as I encountered it seems, that it only searches for the nearest road segment in the radius but does not check if another road segment in the radius could optimise the route.
Am I right about this assumption?
Is there any possibility to set a radius where every road segment would be a satisfying location?

Thank you and best regards,


this is not possible. The chosen location is always snapped to a specific point on the road network and that one is used to route. No ambiguity here.