"Add as a via point" in the context menu of the new version

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Within the new version I miss a feature from the classic version. There the context menu always offers the options “Directions from here”, “Directions to here” and “Add as a via point”. In the new version the option “Add as a via point” is only offered very seldom in the context menu and developing custom routes is cumbersome in my opinion.

My use case is to set a starting point, then develop the route by adding waypoints and finally adding the target point. This works absolutely perfect in the classic version, but not in the new version.

Is there a way to get the option “Add as a via point” permanently back into the context mnenu of the new version?

Hi @Georg ,

Yes this option currently is only available once you set an endpoint.

You could try your luck with the Advanced Setting of “Convert stop added at the end of the route to final destination”, this only works well if you have a rather linear route.
Then you can set a start and an endpoint as the first way point, and thenn add stop points.

This however somehow optimizes all waypoints, which is not always desired.

You could open an issue in the repository for having the add stop point also in the beginning, and not only after setting an endpoint.

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Hi amandus, thank you very much for explaining this workaround, it works nearly perfect for me! This approach doesn’t exactly force itself on you, so I probably never would have thought of it myself. But it is really practicable if you set the waypoints close enough.
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The route optimization is now not the default behavior for stops added via mouse and is configurable (enable/disable) via app https://maps.openrouteservice.org/#/settings advanced in Optimize the route when a stop is created via drag-and-drop

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