Accelerate time taken for openrouteservice on k8s to start receive requests

Now i’m using the Docker image with custom osm_file.pbf for Egypt , deployed it in k8s cluster , it’s working well ,but it take almost one hour to start receive requests !?. can i reduce this time to be fast more ??


the easiest way to reduce time is to only build the profiles you’re interested in. I assume you’re currently building all 9 profiles - how much RAM do you have available for that?

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Hey @jschnell
i’m using this Dockerfile to build image, are you have any advice ?

FROM openrouteservice/openrouteservice:latest



RUN [ ! -z $COUNTRY ] && [ ! -z $CONTINENT ] 

RUN wget${CONTINENT}/${COUNTRY}-latest.osm.pbf

RUN mv ${COUNTRY}-latest.osm.pbf ./ors-core/data/osm_file.pbf```

Also , i didn’t put limited Ram for it ,so what is the minimum Ram it should assigned to it ??

It really depends on what country you want to run, what graph accelerations you’ve activated, and how many requests you’re expecting. The default config has most of the acceleration activated as a default.
Long story short, hard to say. E.g. for Germany (4 GB file size) you could go with xms of 4 GB and xmx of 8 GB. Additionally, building the graph takes more RAM than just running it afterwards.

are there any way like caching or mount volume to it to Accelerate
because i put the Ran with 8GB , also take same time


depending on the country you’re trying to build, the mentioned profiles and accelerations, it is expected for the openrouteservice to take a few hours to build the graphs, which can currently not be accelerated.

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ok thanks @jschnell , @Jules
there are any docs that list the countries with the time taken to build the graphs?

No, we don’t have any numbers for that, since it’s dependent on a lot of factors that can vary the time by a lot.

ok , Thanks for your support

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