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The geocoding service provided by openrouteservice is a Pelias geocoder running within our infrastructure.

Dear ORS community,

I am new to python and have long been using GIS in transportation and fully commend the work you are doing. I am not sure if this right forum for my question (happy to be redirected).

I am working on a health supply chain project in Africa, my first step is geocoding the my locations.

I found the https://openrouteservice-py.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ site and followed the instructions for pelias_search

my code in Py3.6 testing using Jupyther Notebook

for node in locationlist:
openrouteservice.geocode.pelias_search(client,str(node),rect_min_x=2, rect_min_y=1, rect_max_x=14, rect_max_y=14,country=“CMR”,dry_run=‘true’)

I get back a result


The issue is that get mutiple countries not only for Cameroon. On pelias instructions it says to constrain to the country it says " country ( list of strings ) – Constrain query by country. Accepts alpha-2 or alpha-3 digit ISO-3166 country codes. I have tried multiple ways (used all three codes, as str, as list,etc…) to fill this required however the response states “Invalid Parameter: country”. If you have guidance on how to resolve this issue as I would like to constrain the geocoding to one country.

Thanks in Advance,



yes, you’re right, it’s a bug! The parameter should be boundary.country, instead it’s country right now:

I’ll fix quickly and you should be able to download v1.1.7 in a few hours.

Thanks for the bug report

ok, done, should be available in pip:

pip install --upgrade openrouteservice

Thanks mate appreciated !! I will upgrade and test it now.