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Hi folks!
I’m continuing to explore the ORS environment, and I done some step ahead… But now I’m colliding with a strange behavior: I use the ’ /v2/directions/{profile}/gpx’ call (profile=cycling-regular) with the option:


and I get the correct gpx returned, but it don’t contains any info about the requested extra data… Why? What I’m doing wrong? It seems that this option is not considered…


gpx is mostly used to transfer routes to e.g. cycling computers and the like.
Most of these devices wouldn’t do anything with this extra information, so it is not returned.

Therefore, as of now, gpx doesn’t support extra info.
This is not documented properly (and maybe the API shouldn’t allow for extra-info to be requested w/ gpx at all) and I’ve added an issue for that.

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OK, I understood. Thank for your answer, now I will cut this option from my call…