About populations and profiles for isochrones on self hosted ors instance


I’m hosting my own ors instance and use it for requesting isochrones. Now I’m facing two issues:

Some profiles like “cycling-electric” lead to a status 500 error response. Profiles like “driving-car” seem to work fine though. Even though my request has the “total_pop” attribute, the response doesn’t return it.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Hi @RaikoPipe,

that’s probably an issue with your configuration.
Check if localhost:8082/ors/v2/status shows cycling-electric in the profiles (adjust port if needed).

Regarding population data see:

That’s more or less what you need to do, but we currently don’t have documentation for that yet.

The correct location in the new ors-config.yml is probably endpoints.isochrones.statistics_provider (in yaml format instead of dot notation ofc).

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Thanks for the help @amandus! Using your advice, I could address the issue regarding the missing profiles. Next, I will try your solution regarding the configuration of the population layer.

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Dear all,

has anyone yet successfully implemented the population on a self hosted instance using docker compose and can share their approach ?
I wasn’t yet able to implement the github solution provided by elpaso.

Dear @amandus - I would like to refresh my request on how to implement population data into the self hosted instance. I try to follow this
Missing documentation about population data setup with Docker · Issue #881 · GIScience/openrouteservice · GitHub but also get confused by the documentation ors.endpoints.isochrones | openrouteservice backend documentation

My self hosted instance is up and running as a docker standalone

Any help is greatly appreciated - thank you for your work