a shame the program has become worthless regarding gpx files

I have previously successfully made gpx files. for trips in the Alps. Now that’s impossible. is there a good reason why you can’t make a route over the big mountain passes?

What exactly does that have to do with GPX files?

As you can read in (unfortunately) countless threads in this forum, even recent ones: we’re still in the process of making our data updates automatic once a week. It’s just a data issue, it’s too old. The current OSM data we loaded was from 3-4 months ago. It will be solved very soon, hopefully this or next week.

good point Nils. The gpx part actually works. but it is still not possible to make the gpx route I will be riding for the next 14 days. since one cannot make routes over the high mountain passes.
good to read there that action is taken :slight_smile: