[6099] Unable to compute distance/duration matrix

Hello guys, I use the ORS API services in multiple applications. Suddenly the matrix API stopped working for the foot-walking profiles. It works normally for the other profiles, but the foot-walking always return 6099 for the coordinates I am testing. Even in the ORS api playground, turning the path variable from driving-car to foot-walking makes the response to have only 0 distance/duration results, which is totally wrong and different from the driving-car values. My request test:

POST to https://api.openrouteservice.org/v2/matrix/foot-walking
JSON Body:

Hi @Marcoshsc,

in the Playground the default locations are only working properly with the car profile, as the distances are greater than the allowed distance for the foot profile.

A request with {"locations":[[9.70093,48.477473],[9.207916,49.153868],[8.207916,49.153868]]} as body seems to work fine.

So it seems the problem is related to your request coordinates.
Maybe something to do with negative values only…

We will have a look

Best regards

@amandus, thanks for your support. These coordinates are valid coordinates in a Brazilian city, and have 0 distance from each other. The problem is that the request returns the 6099 error with the foot-walking profile, and the other profiles, such as driving-car and driving-hgv returns the right results with no errors. I find it strange because two coordinates with zero distance should not give any error, considering that the other profiles work as expected. We use the ORS in a considerably big research project, and for now we have to use the driving-car profiles to make the applications work, even when the foot-walking profile is needed, because the issue seems to persist across Brazilian coordinates.

Best regards