503 NO real service unavailable error

I’m received a really strange 503 error sending 33 WPs. Strange because if I send after some seconds same WPs of a previous track the server answer immediatly.
JSON body is same in both tracks. This is the wrong one.I’m going crazy (only cache is different). There is no way to have a log to understand what happens ?

{"coordinates": [[16.727020,40.201470],[16.524710,40.172200],[16.476450,40.106840],[16.327960,40.087490],[16.279670,40.144830],[16.155150,40.127910],[15.984280,40.140610],[15.991940,40.164880],[15.973230,40.148490],[15.809570,40.093280],[15.835020,40.149740],[15.901990,40.180060],[15.815200,40.250140],[15.819690,40.406470],[15.866150,40.376210],[16.001270,40.275920],[16.243370,40.278310],[16.231190,40.311900],[16.144290,40.392740],[16.139290,40.384050],[16.006540,40.437580],[16.043580,40.533580],[16.157640,40.491790],[16.252030,40.486420],[16.438400,40.378550],[16.503130,40.569970],[16.548750,40.515510],[16.636390,40.599100],[16.617440,40.671110],[16.813640,40.613540],[16.877710,40.621310],[16.881840,40.623990],[17.064110,40.609990]], "options": {"avoid_features": ["highways" , "tollways" , "ferries"]}, "preference": "fastest", "units": "km", "instructions": "true", "elevation": "true" }

Thanks for reaching out and let me apologize for the inconvenience you are experiencing. There are indeed some issues with the current ORS API setup which affect some of the routing profiles, which ones are you using?

If you mean which profiles I’m using I’m always using the driving-car profile : it is set at the end of the cache = …string.

Are you still experiencing the 503 errors? There were some server issues yesterday, which should have cleared by now. I’ve just run your query through ORS playground several times but haven’t encounter any problems.

Right now…

Thanks! I’m not sure I understand why do you have any cache involved in the queries? Maybe try disabling it. Cheers!

Just solved !!! I have option “SNAP ON ROAD” in first case while “CLICK ANYWHERE” in the other! This track needs to snap on road otherwise it is impossible to calculate router. But 503 as an error sound strange. Thanks