Why I can't build direct bike route between these two points?

Here’s the link: https://maps.openrouteservice.org/directions?n1=45.399229&n2=-75.707428&n3=17&a=45.399054,-75.710368,45.399882,-75.710793&b=1a&c=0&k1=en-US&k2=km

Underlying map is fine and connected.

Good question… Tagging itself is fine. There was a changeset 1 month ago, can’t really see if that would affect routing. However, our bicycle servers weren’t updated in ~2-3 months due to capacity constraints. In the next 1-2 weeks they should be updated again.

For anyone looking at this:

OK, so the issue is with the osm data - it has been given a “sac_scale=easy” tag, which is not valid and confuses the routing engine (it rejects all sac_scales for cycling that are not “hiking” as that is the easiest of the sac scales).

So when the graphs are rebuilt, it will still not route down there, but when the sac_scale tag has been removed and then the graphs redone, it should work fine.


In the taginfo page you can see that globally there are only 6 ways tagged as being “sac_scale=easy”