Using gpx files from topografix with openrouteservice

I’m not sure wether this forum is the right place to ask my question. So if it isn’t, let me know.

I have a gpx-track from the spanish webpage I want to import this on openrouteservice to modify it, but openrouteservice doesn’t open it - it simply does nothing (other gpx-tracks work pretty well).

I think this depends on the format of the gpx track. There must be something “broken” in the file. The file content looks like the following:

… Unfortunately I can’t insert the file content here, since the brackets “<” and “>” are always hidden (I suspect they are interpreted as html). So here is the direct link to the gpx-file: Link to gpx

So it seems that the author created the file with topografix. But Longitude and Latitude both look very odd. I didn’t expect values of 500.000 or 1.000.000. Do you know what’s wrong there and if this can be fixed?

Thanks for the help! Jojo

Hi @Don_Jojo welcome and thank you for using ORS! Can you share the gpx file and send us the link? Cheers, Tim

Hi, I originally wanted to write down the file content of the gpx file in short form in my above post. This didn’t work … so here is the direct link to the gpx-file. It is a zip file, that contains the track: Link to gpx file

Hi @Don_Jojo,
Like you said both long and lat are way too high.
If you divide the values by 100.000 you get proper Latitude and Longitude.
The bounds should also be adjusted. Then you can try to load the gpx again.