Unknow error in backend

I’m trying to change the default file heidelberg.osm.gz to brazil-latest.osm.pbf.
I wiped elevation_cache folder, changed the files docker-compose.yml and Dockerfile and ran sudo docker-compose up -d --build in docker folder.
While it downloads the elevation data the localhost:8080/ors/health shows "not ready" status, as expected, but after some time (30~40 minutes) it stops downloading and localhost:8080/ors/health suddenly shows Unable to connect error. I repeated this 3 times and the same error still occurs.
I’ve done this before with Ubuntu 18.04 with same osm file and worked, now I’m doing it on a 20.04 and using fix-docker branch.
Here follows my docker-compose.yml, Dockerfile and ors log.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Best regards.

I tried now with ors master branch and it worked.

Hm… When did you pull? Can you give the last entry of git log? I merged the fix-docker branch around the same time.

From what I can tell from your first try: you might not have waited long enough. It’s weird that the health endpoint disappears though… From the log it looks like it never finished building the graphs. docker logs xx shows more info, also the Tomcat log at least. It’s more useful than the plain ors.log. Your setup was fine as far as I can see.

Actually I did overwrite over the old branch, sorry.