Unable to start up the instance

I have previously ran an instance of ORS on my personal Mac and it ran flawlessly. However, I’ve decided to move the server to a dedicated Raspberry pi 3 (ARM6) running ubuntu server OS and I’m unable to get it started (docker-compose up). The error that I’m getting is ‘exec user process caused: exec format error’ with exit code 1.

I’ve done some research and posts are suggesting that it’s because the docker image I’ve pulled is not build for the ARM6 architecture, though the installation page suggests that ORS does supports ubuntu.

Does anyone has any experience with this that could help me out over here? Thanks in advance!


Hi @Knockerclot,

since some weeks we have the option to specify the user id that ors is running with:

related changes:

This might have to do with your issue.
@adam already tinkered with ors on raspberry pi, but he is currently on vacation.
If the above does not help, he will reply next monday.

Best regards

Hi @Knockerclot

ors definitely works with ubuntu as that is what we use on our servers (and my laptop), and is what we recommend people to use. Have you made any modifications to the docker-compose file?

Also, is the error coming from the host system, or from within the docker container?

I think the problem here is the architecture. ors builds images on/for x64, not for arm6. afaik it’s possible to even cross-compile images for other archs on a x64 machine with docker buildx, in case you wanna have some “fun”…

honestly though @Knockerclot I’d try a source build on your raspberry pi and run tomcat natively instead of docker.

ha, just seeing you already use dockerx: openrouteservice/build-publish.yml at 0feda7cdc693fec643e23044fb23fd8236b7aeb9 · GIScience/openrouteservice · GitHub. well, then it might be pretty to try and add linux/arm/v6, to the build architectures…