Trouble with POI service and breweries

Here is the OSM node for a brewery called Lost Friend Brewing Company.

Issue #1: It doesn’t show up in this call even though the coords are the exact location of the brewery


What’s up with that?

Issue #2: ORS tags vs OSM tags. OSM has the tag craft=brewery. OSR does not have that tag, but does have bar (561), biergarten (563), pub (569), (these three are “amenity” tags under OSM and “sustenance” under ORS, why aren’t these the same?) and beverages (428) (“shop” tag). More than half the breweries I search for (top 3 biggest cities in Colorado) don’t show up at all. If they do, they show up as pub or bar. Assuming OSM’s tags are correctly applied, it doesn’t seem like there’s a good way to search for just breweries in ORS, because ORS is missing the brewery tag under craft.

  • is this something a feature request/bug should be made for?
  • any suggestions on how to filter for breweries right now?


the second issue you’re raising has the answer to the first issue you have.

The openPOIservice behind the /pois-endpoint has only elements with the tags listed here. As you can see, craft=brewery is not in this list.

If you’d like to see it there, feel free to either run your own openpoi-server or you can open a new issue and request the addition of craft=brewery (and possibly more tags?) to the file mentioned above.
Note, however, that this would only be reflected once data has been imported again, which can take several weeks.

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Thanks, I created this issue in response.